boy: tell me a funny story, or a joke.
girl: why dont you tell me a funny story..
boy: a funny story..hmmm..i came out to boston &
I met chu...thats a funny story, dont chu think?
girl:(smiles) yea it is funny, its like destiny

funny how this whole day came about...right chlo'?
Even tho u couldnt be any less descreet,
pointin out all the fine shorties on newbury
including this one...well he pointed us out =]

ok well I guess we will see you later after were done getting "juiced" up
and grubbin on "shortie snacks"...
cuz we both kno this is WAY outta character haha
but "while im young,yes I wanna have some fun."

hopped out the window...turn my swagg on, its almost 2 am...
jump in the cab, over the bridge " $6.37 YES! heres 6 dollars & 50 cents"
waiting in the sheraton lobby and drunk messes stumble in..
"oh yall aint drunk?!"...well not anymore shortie...fuck does this look like?!
at this point...def not diggin the atmosphere but there is no way to escape.

its getting late FUCK.! everyone asleep in the room,
guess we'll keep you shorties company for a little...
suprisingly we got into some nice conversation and got a lil close too =]
i was fed...strawberries..mmmm my fav =D
and I was entertained...

boy: lets play a game...its called lemme get ur number.
If you give me your number you win

YES! I WON! and he did too...baggin me of course haha chicka chicka oww oww =]


aww tina i had so much fun that night.. we both must have had major shorty cookies that morning because we were so out of character.. i was all over the place scouting the shorties..hhahaa
love you ♥
ps: NYC isn't ready for ebony and ivory!

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