Girl you better WORK.! ;)

The affection of a virgo, which sign matches good with mine. =]

I want something to love.
Without help from up above.
Why have a pigeon when you can have a dove?
Journey with me and together we will find "true love"
Be kind and patient. Follow your heart.
This isn't working for it?
I did all I can put in all my efforts.
What's your "strategy?"
I cant decipher. Where do I go? I'm lost.
At times I wallow in my own self pity but this is the worst.
So many questions. Questions that will NEVER be answered.
I'm stuck here. At this dead end.
All I need is your heart felt guidance and liberation.

Rescue Me.

Characterized by class, beauty and moral integrity.
I stand for love and respect.
If not, then who am I to judge?

feelin down ladies?

have you given up on love?

well this should cheer you up =]

Inhale my soul.
Breathe out my comfort.
Find me where you left me.
Clouds of smoke.
Inhaled thoughts I get lost in.
Find me where you left me.
Taken to your paradise.
Heart racing a mile a minute, breathe easy now.
Find me where you left me. the smokin section.