Having faith & putting your hopes into the mindful & willing doesn't always conquer victory. Instead it evolves into somewhat of a battle. A debate even. Your word against mine, and mine against yours. Could we ever reach an understanding & end this war between us?I come to you with a fight, not with words but with love.Would you open you're heart and let love speak for you? Would allow your heart to endure this love? If I have to ask these questions than I lost the battle. I cant begin to debate. I'm not a lawyer or a politician. I'm a lover. I'll let love speak for me.

Analyze that.

The picture says it all. kudos to me =]

You never know what you got till its gone. Fonder you're heart will grow & sad you may be. But is that my fault? Afterall you put yourself in this position. As they say "if you cant take the heat, then get the FUCK out the kitchen." Can you handle me? Doubt it. As "complicated" as I may be...I will be missed. Your mind cant handle the stress but its the HEART that "grows fonder." So tell me this...which hurts more?

As I sit here, I wonder. I think about how I am changing & how I am growing into "womanhood". When starting to see things more clearly, I notice I have much to think about. I think about the pain in my life & how your sweet kiss would make it all better. In the mean time, I can't dream. I can only live life's harsh realities without having you to turn to. My days without you haven't been the brightest, but the sense of knowing you will always be there to love me through any complications fills my heart with hope & joy. This love carries sense & drive I CANT endure. I HAVE fallen in love. I know I have because although intimidated by the past, I can't run from you. I can feel love run through my veins as it bleeds from my heart. As of now, I don't have much of a choice, so I continue my days without you. Either way, with or without... I am thankful.