classy NEVER trashy

not to mention a lil sass for that ass haha

crazy girls always have a great time

where money talks && fashion stalks...

you can never get enough os *US* =]

boy: tell me a funny story, or a joke.
girl: why dont you tell me a funny story..
boy: a funny story..hmmm..i came out to boston &
I met chu...thats a funny story, dont chu think?
girl:(smiles) yea it is funny, its like destiny

funny how this whole day came about...right chlo'?
Even tho u couldnt be any less descreet,
pointin out all the fine shorties on newbury
including this one...well he pointed us out =]

ok well I guess we will see you later after were done getting "juiced" up
and grubbin on "shortie snacks"...
cuz we both kno this is WAY outta character haha
but "while im young,yes I wanna have some fun."

hopped out the window...turn my swagg on, its almost 2 am...
jump in the cab, over the bridge " $6.37 YES! heres 6 dollars & 50 cents"
waiting in the sheraton lobby and drunk messes stumble in..
"oh yall aint drunk?!"...well not anymore shortie...fuck does this look like?!
at this point...def not diggin the atmosphere but there is no way to escape.

its getting late FUCK.! everyone asleep in the room,
guess we'll keep you shorties company for a little...
suprisingly we got into some nice conversation and got a lil close too =]
i was fed...strawberries..mmmm my fav =D
and I was entertained...

boy: lets play a game...its called lemme get ur number.
If you give me your number you win

YES! I WON! and he did too...baggin me of course haha chicka chicka oww oww =]

The phone rings. Its you and its agreed. Your my shortie for tonight. I hear your voice & see you for the first time in forever,all in less than 24 hrs. This is a lil weird. I'm not used to this. Excuse me if I'm being timid but we both kno this is a bit akward. Regardless, your company was nice and your presence was appreicated. You couldn't have picked a more beautiful day to spend with me, and not to mention end it off with the sweetest kiss.

Thank you. Come again =]

=] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =]

YES Daniel Sunjata is deliciously SEXY!

&& YES I would tearr that African American,German & Irish ass UP!

haha ladies?...can I get an amen? HOLALOUYAH!! =]

"he took me to the bayou, he laid me down, and he rubbed my head so gently..."

"What you found was quiet... in a world full of thunder."

My Bajan "brother-in-law" sent me this email yesterday...ok so he is a little slow hee hee =] but peep...

"This shit is unreal. I hope someone writes me back and say that that's not really Rihanna cuz i have just seen this pic for the first time and i can't believe this so-called man is still living his life the way he chooses to. How could someone let there (child, sister, cousin, friend) have this happen to them and allow the person who did it to walk the streets or better yet live. Her folks must not be real Bajans, cuz Bitch Brown would be walking wit artificial legs, use pencils for fingers, a bag to piss and shit in, and then to make him really understand what he did, a real bajan would tie his ass to a tree and just throw rocks at him then piss on his bruised body to show him what pain is. I wish and hope he is sent to jail for even 3 days so he can see how it feels when a man beats a woman."


Brutal...truth hurts but very well said. =]

That's my issue. I keep telling myself that things were so good and that there is potential, but never realized how long it would take till that potential was executed into making a lasting relationship. That, or getting left. The late and great Marilyn Monroe once said "A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left." She maybe right, but I still do believe in "soul mates". I'm a firm believer in "true love" and that there is someone made for everyone. Every women has made mistakes when it comes to men but without those mistakes made, there would be no room for perfection. There would be no accuracy for choosing the right man, certainty that he is the right man, and understanding as to why that is. Other than that we would be lying to ourselves, but certainty is TRUTH. Sometimes we may not have the patience or energy calculating how many guys it will take before you find "him" but it's well worth the hardship.

"Chloe, Ms. Cleo, gimme a bomboclot readin..." Sebbie rapped on about one of my besties. Who knew that he would know her future. Yes, my "psychic" is my best friend, Chloe but I like to call her Ms. Chlo' jo =] She gives me insight to my future especially "my love life". Well, maybe she cant tell me the future, but she can damn well tell it like it is. She gets these feelings and forces that come to her, and tells me, no mater how outrageous it may sound haha. I appreciate all her stupidity and blasphemy, but also her words of wisdom. I don't need to be ripped off by a complete stranger. I already have a "psychic" that knows me well enough. =]

Christina Arroyo
Photography 2
Ms. Milligan
April 2008

I love photography. Honestly, I never thought I would be saying this but it has been a wonderful experience for me. I feel like it has come natural to me since I entered Ms. Milligan's class, although my past experiences weren't so great. I took Photo 1 at Watertown High and found it to be really confusing. I never really understood the concept and I took awful pictures. This semester I chose to take Photo 2 as a last resort, with the mind set that I wasnt gonna be so great at it. I joined the class a day late, but just in time to go over the basics. Ms. Milligan kept it short and simple so that I understood the concepts, and with that knowledge I learned to take beautiful pictures. The CRLS photography program helped me discover a talent I never knew exsisted. With my new talent I hope to capture feelings and emotions from my photograghs, and from the people viewing them as well. A famous photographer, Irving Penn once said "A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it." This is what I plan to do with this course. I plan bring forth photographs with a statement to show my true passion for photography.

Me say, ay natty dreadlock a where you come from?! ;]