We woke up side by side at a friends house. My belongings were out of the way so I decided to purchase my essentials for the day. A mini blow dryer and a pair of purple "penguin printed" underwear you helped pick out. I'm glad you liked them as much as I did. =] On our way back, we stopped to catch little cuzzo's opening day at the baseball field across the street from where we awoke that morning.The whole fam was there, some which I never met before that day. How beautiful they all were, until things got "ugly". Screaming and fighting in public, unbearable for any loved one to witness. "Come on let's get outta here." you said to me and we took that "walk of shame" together. I didn't know what to do or say. I'd never seen you look so vulnerable.

We got to the house and headed for the shower. As water cascaded down your back, I can see in your eyes you were still saddened. You were looking down at the ground, as if you were alone, but you weren't,I was there. I embraced you, washed you, soaked up every emotion from your dripping body, and wrung them free. We kissed so passionately and made love.(and washed again of course ;]) After our much needed cleanse, I put on my fun new panties, got dressed, and dried my hair with my new "mini dryer" and a round brush. I blasted my beats while doing the do and while you had chill time with the fellas in the next room. I was almost finished,wrapping my hair around my brush, listening to Ron Isley's "Between the Sheets" you walk in and stand behind me. You place your head on my shoulder and start to rock me from side to side singing "oooohh baby, baby, I feel your looooove surrounding me." along with the man himself. That put a smile on both our faces. I don't remember much else but I do remember being admired for our relationship and you telling me "your hair looks nice."

"Every memory isn't shattered but never rekindled..........."


i really love this... you've stepped out your element with this one

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